Weight Loss Program Testimonials

At Family Doctors of Green Valley, it is our privilege to support our patients when they decide to put a priority on health by signing up for a weight loss program. What could be more exciting than to see the progress and joy of people in the Las Vegas area who have achieved their weight goals, and improved their quality of life? Here are a few of their stories.

Dr. Ramanathan (Dr. Ram) has been my Primary Care Physician for nearly 5 years now!  He is an absolutely wonderful, highly qualified & amazing Doctor.  He has that office running so very proficiently; It is just amazing. To see results so fast - Tests & Referrals out the same or next day, Prescription Refills taken care of immediately, Record Requests done right away instead of sitting around collecting dust on someone's desk typically addressed months later.  Appointment notes taken and transcribed during the actual appointment.  Dr. Ram is on top of current health issues and stays fully educated on new and upcoming health matters.  His bedside manner is superb, he takes his time & actually listens to his patients. Dr. Ram is very professional, kind, courteous & his knowledge is quite extensive as is his knowledge of reputable local specialists for referrals. Dr. Ram has built an amazing practice full of skilled staff members.  This practice is 1 of my top 2 referral list!  Congratulations, Dr. Ram, on such a successful practice. Thank you for being such a great Doctor to me.

Diane M. , Las Vegas, NV

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