Weight Loss Program Testimonials

At Family Doctors of Green Valley, it is our privilege to support our patients when they decide to put a priority on health by signing up for a weight loss program. What could be more exciting than to see the progress and joy of people in the Las Vegas area who have achieved their weight goals, and improved their quality of life? Here are a few of their stories.

Dr. Ram,

THANK YOU sooo much for helping me with my pain and giving me the shots. I actually woke up next morning weeping tears of joy because it was the first in over a year I didn't wake to excruciating pain. I slept well too and and have not needed to take any pain meds so far! :) Also, thank you for being so kind, patient, and actually LISTENING to ME about my injury, pain, and what I live through every day. You're a great doctor! Hopefully with the help of you and Dr. Imas I can sdtart managing my pain and hopefully get my back fixed too.!! I'd love nothing more than to feel normal again and not feel like I'm dying when I'm on stage singing and dancing.

See you in a few weeks and let's keep going to find a solution!

Janet Andriotis

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