Physicals and Testing

We test regularly to help you stay active and healthy.

At Family Doctors of Green Valley, we believe your Annual Physical is geared to give you an overall assessment of the state of your health. Because preventive health care greatly increases your chances of lifelong good health, we encourage annual physicals. We’ll help you stay healthy by reminding you when to come in for your yearly check-in and check up!

Our tests are designed to find any potential health problems, target, reduce, and eliminate any risk factors, and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Since Family Doctors of Green Valley provides expert care for the entire family, we can provide exams, immunizations, testing, screenings, well care, education, and ongoing health management for chronic conditions (like diabetes and high blood pressure). We also offer thyroid testing, cholesterol testing, and hormone replacement therapy for men and women, as well as extensive cardiac care (EKGs, Treadmill Stress Tests, and Cardiac Blood Panels).

We have an extensive array of capabilities when it comes to providing physicals and testing. Whether you are needing a routine yearly physical exam or testing for something much more specific we can provide a multitude of in-house tests. Some include blood panels for cholesterol, thyroid, kidneys and liver, stress and EKG test, prostate exams, colonoscopies, hearing, vision and many more. We are truly your “one-stop” for all your health concerns.

Test regularly to help stay active and healthy. Plus, spending individual time on regular visits allows your doctor to get to know you better.

Family Doctors of Green Valley believes in offering Preventative/Wellness measures, which contributes for well-being of an individual for the rest of their life. We work with you to encourage overall wellness.

We also provide Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs and Accident/Injury Care as we serve the Green Valley and Las Vegas, Nevada communities.

Since we accept major insurance programs, and are happy to offer cash-based program to those patients without insurance, we are both affordable and reliable.

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